Casa Mannabliss is a yoga and meditation center and community that blends sacred teachings with conscious practices and modern science to provide an integrated advanced  yoga technology.


Our mission is to optimize body, mind, brain, heart and spirit wellbeing, fuel your personal growth, connect you to sacred and conscious practices and to serve as a catalyst for your individual and our collective evolution.

As a conscious business, we combine great business practices with truth, fairness and integrity. At the core of who we are and everything we do and offer is love, compassion, care, and respect for all life forms and our planet.  Our team and our teachers, who are exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced at guiding your practice, hold an energetic container/space of love for you and for all of life's creations.

Our classes, workshops, trainings, and services are inclusive of and speak to all people regardless of tradition, culture, spirituality, age, gender, race, ethnicity. 


To…. ~ Develop a deeper connection to the present moment, to yourself, to others/humanity and to conscious and sacred practices
~ Open up to more joy, play, love, beauty, vitality, inner peace and harmony
~ Decrease stress, anxiety and burnout
~ Improve emotional and physical health
~ Improve quality of life and quality of relationships
~ Sleep better
~ Experience more meaning in life
~ Become a part of a community of like-minded individuals