Casa Mannabliss Membership and Other Class Pricing.

Casa Warriors 4 Classes/Month - $49

Magic Makers Unlimited/Month - $99

Magic Makers Annual Prepaid Unlimited - $999

Buddha Buddies Partner Unlimited Monthly - $179

Buddha Buddies Partner Annual Prepaid - $1799

Class-by-Class Option

Drop in One Class - $22

5 Class Pack (19.80/class) - $99

10 Class Pack (16.90/class) - $169

20 Class Pack (14.95/class) - $299

$30 FOR 30 DAYS

Casa Mannabliss New Student Special

benefits of yoga


Studies have shown that the regular and consistent practice of yoga, (3-5times per week for 3+ months) provides a huge array of benefits including:

Increase gray matter in the brain, retrain your autonomic arousal system, improve heart rate variability, increase heart coherence and improve overall emotional and physical health 

Lower stress, anxiety and depression

Increase positive feelings such as love, joy, peace, vitality, connection 

Experience better sleep and quality of sleep Improve flexibility, range of motion and balance 

Positively impact quality of relationships, quality of life, and life balance 

Retrain the brain to spend more time the present and less time attached to the endless stream of thoughts 

Access different states of consciousness and shift the lense through which reality is perceived 

Reconnect to your heart and to your amazingness 

Expand your yoga and meditation knowledge and practice and also your understanding of who we are and what this experience we call life is all about

More About our Studio

Our flagship studio is located in Delray Beach, Florida, where we have a serene indoor studio for classes, a marketplace with bohemian and yogic-style clothing and jewelry, and a full schedule of special classes, workshops, and music events.

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