Casa Mannabliss is honored to guide your yoga teacher journey with our 200 HR Certified Casa Mannabliss Vinyasa Teacher Training.

This course, led by Darnelle Quinn, meets 2 times weekly over 2 and 1/2 months and is offered by Casa Mannabliss 2 times annually.

Course starts 1/23/23
Course ends 3/26/23

Offered 2x Annually 
• 1/21-22
• 1/28-29
• 2/4-5
- OFF 2/11-12
• 2/18-19
• 2/25-26
• 3/4-5
• 3/11-12
- OFF 3/18-19
• 3/25-26



Casa Mannabliss’ 200 hour training is focused on a strong understanding of the ancient and modern science of yoga, anatomy, structure and alignment, meditation, pranayama, mantra, yoga philosophy, and the chakra system. Equally as important as understanding the mechanics of yoga, we connect you to the essence of yoga so that you may open up to experience the world from a place of unconditional love, compassion, presence, connection, beauty and magic. At Casa Mannabliss we believe that only by doing our inner work can we assist in the healing of others and of our planet. Therefore, in this training we explore and examine our own patterns of thought and movement (samskaras) and make room to create new ways of being, while learning to love ourselves throughout this self-evolutionary process.

This comprehensive training is suitable for any dedicated soul wishing to expand their personal knowledge of yoga asana and living a yogic lifestyle and/or having the desire to assist others on their path as a yoga teacher. Students will be provided with a deep understanding of anatomy and asana to ensure an appropriate level of skill is attained by each trainee enabling them to lead powerful and safe yoga classes. By the end of this training students will be able to confidently lead a 75-minute vinyasa sequence.

Topics to be studied and explored consist of:

∞ Chakras
∞ Breakdown of asanas
∞ Anatomy
∞ Sutras and yogic philosophy
∞ Meditation
∞ Mantra
∞ Pranayama
∞ Teaching methodology and guidance
∞ Understanding of verbal and physical assisting and adjusting
∞ Sacred and ceremonial practices
∞ Deep inner exploration and transformational work

Be a part of the evolution of the planet by joining our ever-expanding community of open-hearted, courageous, passionate souls desiring to dedicate their energy to healing ourselves, others and our world.

Full Tuition: $3,575**/Early registration pricing: $2975 (prior to 1 month before start date of training)

* All yoga classes included during the length of the course

* Required course books not included in tuition

* Any student who is not able to attend all dates may make up any missed information in the next scheduled 200-hour training at Casa Mannabliss.

** Please email to interview for admission into our next teacher training (spots are limited and in high demand) and to discuss payment plan options.


"A very special thank you to @⁨Darnelle 💕⁩ and @⁨Y Genieve⁩ for bringing this magical circle together. You two are so magical in your own being, and together a powerful heaven sent duo of unconditional love, light and divinity. Despite having a irregular yoga practice and limited face time with the either of you prior to this journey, when I saw the email for the training program was being led by you both, it was an instant hell yes; I knew I’d be in the best hands and hearts in the most beautiful yoga casa. Thank you thank you thank you. I’m forever open and led by the boundless love and spiritual guidance you have cracked open and shown me. I came for connection to like minds and I received that and so much more."

- Erin H 3/28/22

"I teach people about trauma.  I journey with people through racism. I inform helpers how to meet those in need in a better way. This is difficult work for many, I often start my day wondering whose life will change by what they are taught today. Change is hard and I was looking for tools to better support this process. My dear friend encouraged me to take a yoga teachers training to learn some tools; perhaps breath work, maybe some stretching, certainly mindfulness. I had no interest in becoming a yoga teacher, but I love her and her spirit, so I said sure. Little did I know what I committed to….

The past three months have been transformational! I have had the opportunity to go on this magical journey with some of the most amazing and beautiful people. When you look around the room we are a motley crew- and like most groups thrown together with a common goal, we have bonded through the process. From the very first day when we exposed our whys, it was easy to see the shared need of support, connection, answers and belonging.

We have learned this amazing framework through which we can live our lives…or not.We have been exposed to a common language shared with others around the world.
We learned about the chakras and energy and herbs and stones.We learned about the human body and how it works and how to take care of it.
We learned about meditation and the benefits to your body and soul.
We experienced music and chanting and performance and art.
We learned asana and practiced and taught and grew in that practice.
We learned about struggle and how we each experience it the same and differently.
We met some gifted and magical people that shared their experiences with us.
Mostly, we shared our thoughts, our fears, our goals and our dreams with each other.

I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to experience all that I have experienced in the past three months. I may never be a yoga teacher, but that wasn’t my goal from the start.  I did learn skills for breath work. I did practice mindfulness so I can help others do the same. Lord knows that I know how to talk someone through basic stretching exercises. And while all of this is important and useful, what I really learned is that being connected to others is my source energy. I study social connectedness and social support. I have been talking the talk for years and I have an amazing support system, AND- there is always room for more! What l learned from being a part of the Casa teachers training is that if I ever lost my way or if I ever felt alone, I am not alone- this is a space where everyone in welcome. Thank you Darnelle and Gengi for being amazing teachers, humans and spirits and sharing your light with me ❤️"

- Julie D