With over 25 years’ experience teaching yoga and mindfulness, Susan has seen her students benefit in multiple aspects from the pure benefits of yoga.  “Yoga is not simply a series of physical poses,” she says.  “Yoga is the only form of exercise that integrates mind, body and spirit at the same time.  I’ve seen profound changes occur in my
students, both physically and mentally, once they begin to practice yoga regularly. Yoga poses move your body in
ways that you don’t usually, which is why some people feel yoga is “hard” – it’s actually easy, it’s just that they haven’t moved their body in that manner for many (or any) years!”

Susan’s classes focus on slow transitions and proper alignment, with modifications and adjustments.  “We all come to our yoga mat from a different place, whether physically or emotionally.  We have our “limitations”, imagined or real, and our yoga practices are
a safe place to explore our bodies capabilities and our own selves.”

“A mindful yoga practice, incorporating physical poses, breathing and meditation, offers profound physical and emotional wellbeing.  I love guiding people in ways that lift their energy and discover things within their bodies and themselves that they have kept buried or never imagined possible.”

Susan is a Reiki 1 & 2 Master.  She lives in Wellington, FL, with her husband, Stephen, and her fabulous Vizsla, Harper.