CEO and a founder of Casa Mannabliss LLC
Prema Vivian Demille

She began her yoga and meditation journey over 20 ago as a result of an awakening that took her down a path of inquiry, where after studying Buddhism for 2 years she stumbled across yoga and instantly understood that yoga was her life calling.

Path of Devotion

Prema follows that path of Bhakti (path of devotion). Her practice is also focused on the study of ancient yogic texts and self-study/self-inquiry through the practice of meditation. Her mission in life is to reconnect others to the sacredness of life, to their hearts and to their true identities, and to rekindle and deepen a personal relationship with the Divine. Prema is also a certified coach with Flow Genome Project, an attorney and a behavioral health executive who is a shareholder/founder/board member of several companies, including Chrysalis Health, one of the largest outpatient behavioral health company in Florida, serving over 30,000 people annually and employing over 850 staff members. Throughout her career she has served and advocated and continues to serve on numerous boards/committees and is recognized for teaching and championing conscious business practice.

Meditation, Mantra, and Philosophy

Prema teaches meditation, mantra, and philosophy for those seeking to deepen their yoga practice and take it outside the physical/asana aspects of yoga and deeper into the exploration of consciousness and who we are. Her approach is traditional yet also blended with and supported by modern science and taught in a manner that is applicable to everyone, regardless of age, understanding, beliefs, religion or culture.

Emotional & Physical Health

In addition to teaching classes and workshops at Casa Mannabliss and in the community, Prema has developed the Mindfulness Rebooted Program, a six week course designed to teach the fundamentals of meditation, breath work and brain health. This course is available for individuals and for the corporate environment. In today’s world it is more important than ever to implement strategies that reduce stress and improve health and wellbeing. Meditation and breath practices are scientifically proven to positively impact our brain, emotional health and physical health. Because of its effectiveness and how easy these tools are to implement, Prema is passionate about ensuring meditation is included in the workplace, in health care and in schools as a preventive health measure.

Prema’s guidance can be accessed through individual and group sessions live and via the internet.