Michelle Molnar

Michelle is the project designer for Casa Mannabliss, entrusted with manifesting our vision into physical reality. Her contributions include holding the vision for the tribe to create sacred space to assist in the healing of our community and beyond. 

She has been entrusted with inspiring the overall design concept as well engaging local artist and craftspeople to create the vision. Michelle is a long time resident of Delray Beach and has been a part of developing the spiritual community here for years. She is an artist/architect/mother and comes from 3 generations of artists and received my Master of Arts in Architecture from UCLA.

Michelle is a spiritual seeker of meaning, connection and beauty in this world. Her interest in spirituality and healing began in 1995 when she was introduced to acupuncture and Tai Chi. This began a lifelong interest in how energy and mind/body/spirit operate. Years of a devoted yoga practice and personal growth led to a profound spiritual awakening in 2001.

Following that time, she delved into many spiritual modalities, most recently training in Soul Contract reading based on the work of Nicolas David Ngan and Joseph ZatKiall Syverson. She hopes to facilitate Soul Contract readings to provide a greater understanding of each our life purpose found in spiritual karma/talents and soul destiny. As a mother of two highly evolved souls, she also plans to contribute to the teen yoga and mindfulness programs.