Meditation Breath & Sound

Casa Mannabliss offers a wide array of services that connect us to our hearts and the present moment. The services we offer have been scientifically demonstrated to impact your brain, mind, health and emotional health. If practiced regularly, they increase gray matter in the brain, engage your parasympathetic nervous system which calms you, your heart rate, and blood pressure, increases your joy, peace, connection, and so much more. Come enjoy different styles and techniques and find the ones that most resonate with you! We also offer a wide array of workshops in addition to the courses below.


Four of the eight limbs of yoga are associated with meditation including withdrawal of the senses (pratyahara), concentration (dharana), meditation (dhyana) amd complete absorption (samadhi). Also from the yoga sutras…single pointed attention to any one thing long enough allows you to understand the essence of that thing (which means if we develop enough attention we can tap into the knowledge of the entire universe!!!). Yogic meditation techniques are designed to assist us in cultivating complete absorption with the object of our attention, which can be an external object, a concept, our inner world, emptiness, God, our the totality of reality.


Casa Mannabliss offers breathwork classes and workshops including yoga pranayama, gamma breath, transformational breath, and so much more. Breathing is one of the most important things we can do. Breathing is directly linked to the autonomic arousal system (ANS). The ANS includes the sympathetic nervous system/SNS (our fight/flight/freeze response system) and the paraympathetic nervous system/PNS (the calming system post stressful situation). In today’s world, many of us, due to enormous life stressors, have an overactive SNS which increases heart rate, respiration, blood pressure and is linked to stress related health and emotional health issues. As with mindfulness and metta, there is an abudance of scientific evidence demonstrating that breathing practices engage the PNS, improves heart rate variability, lowers blood pressure, improves health and emotional health, oxygenates our bodies, releases stored trauma and so much more. Come breath with us and experience the benefits for yourself.


The yoga of sound, also known as Nada Yoga, a stand alone meditation technique. The object of our attention is a mantra or word repeated internally or out loud. As we focus on the mantra to the exclusion of all other thoughts, we cultivate mindfulness. Sound also affects us on a vibrational level. We are vibrational beings. When sound vibrations resonate within us, they shift us. Just as a rock thrown into water creates a ripple effect, sound does the same for the water within our body. It is a powerful tool for shifting consciousness. Kirtans, an ecstatic and beautiful nada yoga practice where we come together to sing and dance to live music with mantras, are offered weekly on our class schedule and through regular workshops provided by nationally recognized kirtaneers.

In addition to kirtan, we have sound workshops with beautiful meditative sound bath experiences using sound bowls, didgeridoo, drums and/or other instruments. All of these practices provide deep healing.