Whitney Berra

Whitney has always been interested in helping others and was called to yoga while working as a counselor in the addiction/mental health field, as she was seeking space to decompress. She was given peace of mind on the mat almost immediately and looked forward to the space yoga provided her, following long hours and hectic shifts. Whitney was able to find full presence in her body and was able to connect to something much deeper than the chatter of the mind. Difficult “life stuff” prior to and throughout her practice, and the peace found through practice, allowed her to surrender deeper, seek more fully, and commit on a deeper level. Yoga has been a healing and empowering practice for her, from the start, truly reflecting the body’s innate power, wisdom, and resiliency. Through commitment, she has been blessed with is a gift that keeps providing and lighting the way. Whitney practices yoga to live well in her mind, body and soul, and she practices and holds space for others to practice because she believes it is part of a solution to suffering, as well as a path to live better and more fully. Whitney believes that steady awareness within our body and our breath is the key; it’s meditation and a gateway to freedom, inner knowing, endless love and truth. She practices and shares for herself, for you, for her friends and community, for more love.
Whitney began teaching yoga in 2015 and completed a long-term Teacher Training with Kathy McNames at Yoga Vermont, in Burlington VT in 2016, whom she is eternally grateful for. She studied closely with Kathy and within a strong Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga lineage and community for over 2 years and has been engaged in ongoing studies through various trainings and workshops within this same lineage. Whitney has knowledge and experience in asana, pranayama work, mantra, philosophy, and meditation, and reiki. Whitney relocated back to Florida in May of 2017 and currently practices Mysore or flows freely, apprentices under Angelique Sandas, an Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher here in South Florida, and is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine. Whitney currently cultivates a safe and loving room to explore the practice of yoga, in group yoga classes in the area, as well as within addiction/mental health programs.