Tammy Lee

Tammy is RYT200, a Licensed Massage Therapist and Skin Care Specialist with over 16 years experience and a Certified Indoor Cycling Teacher.

Tammy Lee took her first yoga class almost 20 years ago but it wasn’t until she embraced Teacher Training, that it truly broke her heart wide open. This was when she realized how magical and powerful yoga transformation could be.

Tammy teaches many different yoga styles but was naturally drawn to the practice of Yin Yoga due to her experience with healing through bodywork. “We hold our issues in our tissues”, therefore, the longer sustained poses have the ability and the capacity to release us from our energetic shackles. When we break through these chains which bind us deeply, we become free and are then able to grow and flourish beyond our wildest dreams. She looks forward to melting into the mat with you. Namaste.