Matthew Gaines

As a student Matthew has been practicing since 1993. As an instructor, Matthew has been guiding classes since 2003. Matthew’s intent upon instructing classes is based on the original intention Yoga was developed for – Awakening consciousness. He provides a space where students are comfortable being vulnerable in order to make their own personal discoveries and grow into their own awakening process.

Matthew’s purpose as a teacher is to provide each student with an opportunity to experience individual, internal exploration and connection. He is there as a guide…simply to provide the context for the student’s intended experience. Each student will then use their asana practice at the appropriate level to meet their unique needs…going within and processing what is there for them to address. The yoga practice can be used as a metaphor of life…how you do one thing is how you possibly do everything. And you are the source to the experience that only you are having, and only you can generate.

Meditation and breath work are integral components of each class. The movement from one asana to the next is designed to be meditation in motion and stillness. Breathing consciously, and practicing being conscious and present can help students manage their own energy – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Matthew Gaines is a Certified yoga instructor; Level 3 Reiki practitioner; massage therapist; Certified Master in Advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programing; self-love coach; Trainer Forum graduate, and training to become a transformational trainer. He is in service to the atonement and awakening of humanity.