Jessica Pfeffer

Jessica started her career in Public Relations and Event Planning by being the Director of a Ho- tel and Restaurant. After some time there, she revisited her Bachelor’s Degree from University of Miami, in Elementary Education by becoming a teacher in the Miami-Dade School System. After five years, she decided to continue her own education by becoming a full time student at Nova Southeastern University for her Masters in Mental Health Counseling. Jessica realized her true calling was to help others and wanted to further understand the psychology behind family systems and learn the behaviors to improve them. After graduation Jessica worked at a private practice and ran groups at Substance Abuse treatment centers. Jessica’s desire to learn more about eastern practices brought her to yoga teacher training first for adults and then for children. With a combination of her own practice of several years, teaching small groups of children and adults has truly become her passion. Her innate ability to teach and love of mindful practices is something no matter where life takes her she will continue to spread it.