Jamie Hawk

Jamie Hawk is a gifted healer and teacher with a kind and compassionate heart. She is a mother of four daughters and householder with her husband, Xavier Hawk. She lovingly serves her community and the world as an herbalist and Waldorf school teacher. She has a deep love and reverence for Earth and all of our relations in nature. She gardens and tends bees in keeping with permaculture and biodynamic methods and works with a class of beautiful children at Sea Star Waldorf School.

Jamie is a born seeker and lover of Spirit. She has been a practitioner and initiate of many earth based and deeply feminine spiritual paths. She is an ordained Shamanic Priestess and carrier of a mesa. Her hearts mission is to be in service of Spirit and work for the betterment of Earth and all her inhabitants.

She will beautifully lead you through ceremonies to touch back into your heart and true nature. Her ceremonies and offerings allow you to un-layer from the numbing world of doing without feeling, of judgments and of blame into the unfolding heart of compassion, honoring the heart as an organ of intelligent perception.

She is on a mission to change the world through love in action, one moment at a time, one interaction at a time, with one child and person at time, in service of Mankind and in Service of All of Creation.