Chad Redding

Hi My name is Chad Redding. My main objective here on this planet is to assist people In Reclaiming their divine right to wellness of mind, body, and spirit. I have always had a passion for natural medicine and ancient remedies. Studying under the likes of Dr.Sebi, Dr. Jennifer Daniels, and Dr.Robert Morse I have designed my own program to naturally bring the body back to balance. In short my story involves being diagnosed with Lyme disease, struggling for years and reclaiming my health through all natural means. I took my health fully into my own hands was able to reverse all that physically ailed me. It wasn’t until I was introduced to breathwork that I was able to fully release all the stored mental and emotional trauma. Breathwork is by far the fastest and most effective way to clear stored emotion that I have ever worked with. I now teach breathwork and also work with clients struggling with many different conditions from Lyme to Psoriasis. Through detoxification and remineralization We work together bringing the body back to balance. I wish only to give back and share all the great gifts that were once shared with me. I believe all beings have the divine right to wellness of mind body and spirit.