Ecstatica: ancient tools of bliss for modern yogis

November 17, 2019 | 5:00 pm

Wynne Paris and Hanna Sheff present a unique workshop offers a ‘flow’ of bliss inducing tools for spiritual practitioners. Experience a 3 hour joyride of sacred music, ecstatic dance, yoga, sound healing, drumming, ceremony and a few powerful tantric practices from the Qi Gong and Shakti traditions.

About the presenters:
Wynne Paris is a troubadour who’s best known as a kirtan pioneer. He has spent 25 years studying and practicing a wide variety of spiritual practices, many of which find expression in the Ecstatica workshop. He was introduced to the path of tantra by the legendary Washington DC teacher Wu Jing-nuan, who was a Taosist master and a counter culture icon. Wynne also spent years playing live music for polarity therapy based dance expressions. As part of this workshop, he’ll also be teaching a powerful tantric breath practice from a Shakti tantric tradition he was initiated into.

Non-Members: $40
Members: $36