Vivian “Prema” Demille

Hi! Thank you for visiting our site and participating in our offerings. I am Vivian “Prema” Demille and am the CEO and founder of Mannabliss LLC and Casa Mannabliss LLC. I am a woman, mother, daughter to two beautiful amazing children, attorney, entrepreneur, free thinker, activist, student, teacher, explorer of the mind, consciousness and spirit, soul sister to a giant family of choice (my Mannabliss and Casa Mannabliss family) and I am driven by a giant desire to serve the wellbeing of our human family and our earth.

I have been committed to improving people’s lives for more over 25 years. In 1999, I became a founding member, director and officer of Chrysalis Health, where I am still a Board Member and shareholder, as well as the Chief Business Strategy Officer. (Chrysalis Health is a behavioral health organization that spans the state of Florida, serves over 30,000 children and adults and employs over 800 behavioral health professionals and paraprofessionals.) Along the way, my partners and I opened various additional companies dedicated to working with people with disabilities, diverting people from the criminal justice system and providing health and behavioral health services. Additionally, I serve and have served as a board member on numerous non-profit boards, state trade organizations, state agency committees and local organizations and have engaged in tremendous amount of advocacy work. Educationally, I have a BA in Psychology and Sociology and a Juris Doctorate in Law.

In addition to my business background, my spiritual journey began approximately twenty years ago, a few years after my start in business. In my 20’s, I was already far more successful than I ever imagined myself to be. I also had a decent relationship, good friends, and the love of family. I was working in an industry that I felt amazing about and was doing good for this world. Yet I wasn’t happy. I didn’t understand how I could have everything I was supposed to have in the American dream, yet I didn’t have peace. This unsettling feeling took me down a path which continues to evolve and that radically changed my life. On this journey, I found deep peace, magic, beauty, love, connection to all beings and this planet, and most importantly, connection to something bigger than me and the material world. I also learned to develop a different and broader understanding of who we are/who I am. I became an explorer of consciousness and conscious living. And I discovered we are so much more than we ever imagined ourselves to be. We each have the capacity for greatness and the collective capacity to create a beautiful existence for us all.

Today I embrace all paths to spirit based on love and see them to be the same. However, my background, study, and practice, and where my heart has most taken me are the principals and science of Yoga. Yoga unlocked the mysteries of consciousness, improved my health and wellbeing, expanded my heart, and has allowed me to experience more beauty, joy and magic than I ever thought was possible. It also fits into my lifestyle and beliefs. I am Christian (born into a Catholic/Christian family), have studied Buddhism and have developed a love for the Native American traditions due to recent exposure and study over the past 3-4 years. Yoga fits with all of them, as it is not a religion, but rather, a study of consciousness and who we are.

In addition to my studies, I have spent much of my non-working life in service, spreading the message of spirit and love, putting events together (small and large), focused on teaching consciousness raising practices.

So what does an entrepreneur, attorney, behavioral health professional, woman of spirit and explorer of consciousness do to bring all of her knowledge and experience together? I created, along with my friends, Casa Mannabliss LL and Mannabliss LLC.
Casa Mannabliss LLC is born of mine and my partners’ great desire to share consciousness raising practices with our community, to build community and support our community, and to share love and beauty with each person we touch. We are committed to improving the wellbeing of our earth family and our earth itself and hope to build centers in many local communities where adults and children can come learn, meet and connect with other like-minded individuals, so that we can expand our knowledge and expand our beautiful family, building support for one another on our journey through this life.

Our sister company to Casa Mannabliss is Mannabliss LLC, which is our internet platform. Mannabliss LLC is a site where we share information with each other (articles, videos, live interviews, and more), list and showcase businesses and people that are doing good for this world and find ways, together, to champion conscious and spiritual practices. We also offer subscription services to all of our classes which are livestreamed at Casa Mannabliss locations. At Mannabliss we define being conscious as more than aware and awake. We define being conscious as aware, free thinking, thoughtful and caring people and businesses who base their decisions on love, compassion and spirit, and an understanding that our personal highest good is served by ensuring the highest good of our people and our planet.
In addition to the above, Mannabliss is teaching and supporting conscious business practice. I personally became passionate about conscious capitalism several years ago and how to embrace and implement the principals of conscious business in the work I do. In my studies and implementation of conscious business practices, I learned that becoming a conscious business increases profitability and workplace satisfaction, while doing good for this world and the people in it. As a result of personal experience and studies, I developed a deep knowing that conscious businesses can and will change our world. At Mannabliss, we have a conscious business directory and are constantly showcasing businesses that care. It is our goal to advocate for our conscious community to invest their spending power in companies that support our way of life.

We welcome you to our center and our Casa Mannabliss community and look forward to serving your highest good.

I send you tons of love,

Vivian Prema Demille