Keith Everett Brooks

Everett, Founder of Entranced Soul-lutions, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Welfare from U.C.Berkeley. He started is professional life as a high school teacher, a football coach and a professional dancer (African, Jazz and Modern). Prior to committing fully to his life’s passion, guiding those who seek inward to self-discovery, he spent five years working as a manager for the city of Cleveland and 11 years as a sales specialist for a pharmaceutical company.
Everett first committed to his spiritual journey 20+ years ago when he was initiated as a priest/shaman in an indigenous Afro-Cuban spiritual system. This experience exposed Everett to our incredible ability to change the world by first seeking change from within. Since then, through extensive study, travel and guided introspection he has adopted a much more eclectic perspective about how we each seek to know ourselves. Everett teaches that, “Life happens for you, not to you”. Self-awareness and being centered in the now are fundamental to our personal evolution.

Everett is certified in Nuero-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Dream Sculpting, Inclusive Leadership and Diversity Training, Crucial Conversations, Situational Leadership….

Everett has pulled from a lifetime of experiences and a wealth of mentors to create a suite of active, guided meditations on Forgiveness, Gratitude and Love. Each meditation is uniquely designed to assist you in:

– Grounding
– Releasing
– Focusing you in the Now
– Recognizing and addressing limiting thought patterns that no longer serve us
– Experiencing acceptance
– Expanding our ability to change the world from the inside out through Love