Teacher Training

Under the loving guidance of Darnelle Quinn, Genevieve Rivera, and Elizabeth Scheer, Casa Mannabliss is overjoyed to announce our first 200-hour CASA MANNABLISS VINYASA YOGA TEACHER TRAINING offering. Over the course of 7 weekends, students meet with our 3 teachers every other weekend (this training begins on 6/28 and ends on 9/22).

Casa Mannabliss’ 200 hour training is rooted in the chakra energy system and focused on a strong understanding of ancient and modern science, anatomy, structure and alignment, meditation, pranayama, mantra, yoga philosophy, being present and connected, and experiencing and sharing unconditional love, compassion, beauty and magic At Casa Mannabliss we believe that only by doing our inner healing work can we assist in the healing of others and of our planet. Therefore, in this training we explore and examine our habitual patterns of thought and movement (samskaras) and make room to create new ways of being, while learning to love ourselves throughout this self-evolutionary process.

This comprehensive training is suitable for any dedicated soul wishing to expand their personal knowledge of yoga asana and living a yogic lifestyle and/or having the desire to assist others on their path as a yoga teacher. Students will be provided with a deep understanding of anatomy and asana to ensure an appropriate level of skill is attained by each trainee enabling them to lead powerful and safe yoga classes. By the end of this training, students will be able to confidently lead a 75-minute vinyasa sequence.

Topics to be studied and explored consist of:

∞ Chakras
∞ Breakdown of asanas
∞ Anatomy
∞ Sutras and yogic philosophy
∞ Meditation
∞ Mantra
∞ Pranayama
∞ Teaching methodology and guidance
∞ Understanding of verbal and physical assisting and adjusting
∞ Ceremonial practices
∞ Herbal remedies

Be a part of the evolution of the planet by joining our ever-expanding community of open-hearted, courageous, passionate souls desiring to dedicate their energy to healing ourselves, others and our world.

Tuition: $3,333**
Early bird (pay in full): $2,777
* All yoga classes at Casa Mannabliss included during the length of the course
* Required course books not included in tuition
* Any student who is not able to attend all weekends may make up any missed information in the next scheduled 200-hour training at Casa Mannabliss.
** Please call Casa Mannabliss to inquire into payment plan options

For more info/register HERE. <3