Meditation, Breathwork & Sound Healing

Come enjoy different styles and techniques of observing and steadying the mind by using meditation breath work, visualization and more to enhance your mental acuity and your overall sense of wellbeing. Expand your experience even further with different sound healing modalities such as crystal bowls, drumming, didgeridoos and mantra to attune your inner vibration to its higher frequency. Keep your eyes open for our yoga classes with live music as well as our frequent sound workshops!

Meditation & Breathwork styles include:



Gamma breathwork is a way to upgrade your consciousness by being connected through the breath. When we are in the Gamma state, we are activating our pineal operating system and in turn, a release of DMT is happening (also known as the spirit molecule). DMT along with other neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine and gabba are set free during theses breaths which upgrades our mindset & informs our higher self to bring us back into harmony.
Gamma is a higher processing power brain state that makes it possible to access and evolve imprints from our past, including traumas, addictions, limiting beliefs and patterns, by upgrading chemistry and perspective. The gamma breaths free up the held energy and emotion and create a reorganization of this energy in order to manifest a fulfilling way of being, in any area of life desired. Gamma breath activations are useful for producing any kind of outcome- from health to creative passion, from relationships and family to business, expression of talent, and purpose. Gamma activating is a modern and very rapid method for consciousness expansion as well as trauma clearing quicker than most ways and an excellent way to access a meditation state. When In the gamma state you are always safe to feel anything and everything that comes up!