Kids Programming

Earth Skills Kids Yoga
This class offering is supportive of the family environment in that the heart and spiritual nature of both the parents and the children will be met and served in these grounding yet playful classes that run side by side one another.

Earth Skills Kids Yoga, nourishes the child’s natural inclination to move, play, and explore the natural world around them.

Children are our future and we hold the vision of healthy people and a healthy planet for the next seven generations to come. Children will be invited to play and learn in the philosophy of interconnectedness with all of life around them. If our Earth is healthy then the plants, animals, water and people, too, are healthy. In previous times, people lived more in alignment with the rhythms of nature. In our current culture, most children are exposed to a lot of energy and toxins and that disconnect them from the vibration of nature all around them. We have developed a curriculum, where children have the opportunity to tap into nature through intention, elements and seasons. The class will start by honoring the directions and elements, followed by a playful yoga flow reinforcing lessons from nature where children will embody different animals and flows with songs to remind them of the interconnectedness of all beings. Towards the end of class, children will be given the opportunity to re-wild in our magical garden and plant their intention and explore in our children’s garden.