Tantric Yoga: Guide To Inner Bliss

February 24, 2019 | 1:00 pm

Tantra means ‘weaving’ or in other words our interconnectedness with everything that surrounds us. In Tantra yoga we aim to form a deep connection with the body and subconscious mind through the asanas and the breath. During class students will focus on holding each Asana with mindfulness and work slowly with the kundalini (sexual) energy. This extremely restorative practice allows us to form a deep connection and heal from karmic cycles and any past traumas. The Kaula Tantra Series is practiced in the same sequence every class so it becomes integrated into our subconscious and muscle memory. Some postures may be skipped, or as you progress, changed to suit your body’s needs. Class is open to anyone interested in learning Tantra yoga, regardless of your level of experience.
Please bring a yoga mat.

Non-Members: $25
Members: $22.50