StrongYoga Master Class

November 4, 2018 | 11:30 am

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Do any of the following appeal to you?
• Building lean muscles, rather than having saggy areas.
• Creating better posture.
• Learning how to move with control and grace.
• Bringing more awareness to your life – both on and off your mat.
• Learning techniques to relieve your own pain.

Are any of these you?
• My body is sore from over stretching.
• I know I need to get stronger, but I can’t stand lifting weights.
• I have muscles in my arms, but they’re saggy on the other side.
• My teacher keeps telling me to soften my shoulders, but I can’t figure out how?!?
• I slump forward in my chair and when I walk because it feels natural to me.

If you answered yes to any of the above, StrongYoga Master Class was created for you. In this intimate 1 hour & 45 minute session, students will be shown ways to create new, healthy patterns in their bodies. These healthy patterns will be achieved by combining movements in a systematic way to “turn on” weaker muscle groups. This training is greatly enhanced via the use of the multi-planar balance and stability trainer, StrongBoard Balance®. The StrongBoard is extremely effective in helping activate under-worked muscles – typically stabilizer muscles – which are necessary to hold our bodies erect (create “perfect posture” and allow for effortless movement).

As we bring more awareness to these areas, they become stronger and, over time, are able to help hold our bodies in place in a balanced, healthy way. As we learn to lift out of our hips, using the stabilizing muscles in our spine and core, muffin top disappears! When we know how to activate our toes, ankles and legs, our flat feet begin to lift into healthy, useful arches. When we truly understand how to activate our core (not just our abs – our back as well) we learn how to relax and release our chest, shoulders, neck and face.

All the techniques I share with you in this Master Class can be seamlessly integrated into your personal yoga practice. The more I have learned to move slowly and with control, the stronger I have become. Gaining more control of my body has allowed me to release control of external circumstances in my life. The stronger I feel in my body, the more confident and powerful I feel in my life. I can not wait to share these gifts with you!

Guided by StrongYoga Creator Elizabeth Scheer
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