Sound Healing/DNA Upgrade

March 27, 2020 | 7:00 pm

Experience the awakening of your chakras by aligning mind, body, and spirit through a powerful guided meditation, sound therapy, and bioenergy/reiki healing experience. On this evening, Madhusudan Das will take you on a journey that will cleanse the aura, clear your chakras and remove patterns that no longer serve you. Modern science has recently discovered that through the use of sound vibration, one can impact biology. With the help of cutting-edge Epigenetic Tools such as Applied Energy Medicine, combined with ancient wisdom, we will correct unhealthy patterns, clear your energy body and leave you feeling peaceful, revitalized, healthy and empowered to fully actualize your potential in life.

Facilitated by Madhusudan Das:
Madhusudan Das is a healer and practitioner of Bhakti Yoga who specializes in prana energy healing, mantra meditation and sound-healing therapy. Over many years of study under Native American shamans and spiritual masters of the East, he has become inspired to understand the ancient healing modalities and the spirituality found within the Vedas. During his journeys in the sacred lands of India, he has become motivated and empowered to serve humanity through his passion for energy healing, philanthropy, and spirituality. In the midst of his journey in Vrindavan, India, Madhu was invited to join in efforts to feed the homeless children and homeless cows in the streets. This moved him to create his charity foundations, 108lyfe and The SaveLyfe Foundation, in order to raise awareness and collect donations to support the preservation of holy places. His sole mission on the planet is to spread love by helping the hungry and those in need as well as sharing the bliss he experiences in life through his own practice.

7:00-9:00 pm

Cost: $20