Sacral Workout

August 24, 2019 | 6:00 pm

The key to longevity, creativity, pleasure, a strong intuition and much more is hidden in the sacral chakra. On the other hand the sacral chakra can become blocked from self-limiting beliefs to all forms of trauma. Which can often become locked into the muscles. Sacral Workout is a technique I’ve developed to free stagnant energy stored in pelvis, to be released, forgiven and to rid yourself of old
pains and stories.

Facilitated by Natascha Hardee
For Natascha Hardee the journey of spirituality, health and fitness is has been her lifestyle for over five decades. As a visionary this certified coach, trained dancer, and occupational therapist seeks to inspire the 50+ women to embrace their femininity.
Natascha has elevated her practice to become a global speaker and expert to educate women about the changes that occur in their bodies as the get older. So they can to learn how ride the waves and acclimate in order to have a juicy passionate sex life because age is just a number!

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