New Moon Women’s Ceremony

December 7, 2018 | 7:00 pm

Women who come together in sisterhood or in circles of women on a regular basis receive a deep sense of place and well being. These gatherings serve to connect us with ourselves, with each other and with the rhythms of the natural world around us. The space is set together, we honor the directions and build a safe container to then sing, move, share, laugh, cry and be seen. We will share in simple ritual, where in these rituals the invisible becomes visible and tangible. Astrological insights around the moon sign and happenings will be shared. Each woman will have the opportunity to share her unique voice and wisdom with the sisters in circle. The evening together is deeply nourishing and enriching. We are fed soul food and head back home to tend our own family, community and job with a renewed sense of self.

Bring a mug for herbal teas, a drum or instrument if you feel inspired and some bug spray. We may be in the garden for some or all of the class.