L.S.D. (Long Slow Deep) ~ A Candlit Yin-ish Practice

March 22, 2019 | 6:15 pm

Long Slow Deep, L.S.D., is a yin-style practice with a subtle, yet powerful, difference from a yin class. The goal is not how far one can get into a pose, rather, it is finding the first sensation and gradually feeling one’s way deeply into the body’s rigid holding patterns. As we ground ourselves in the physical, allowing body sensations to be dominant, the monkey mind can take rest. This creates a profound experience of release on a physical, emotional, spiritual and cellular level. We must feel to heal and this 1hr 45min blissful practice will allow practitioners to feel their way to as much healing as they are ready for. You will be guided to use your breath and mindful awareness to assist you in orchestrating your own healing. Elizabeth will use her skillful cuing, inspiring words and heart full of love to hold space for your release.

Non-Members: $25 before 3/18, $30 after 3/18
Members: $22.50 before 3/18, $27 after 3/18