Group Channeling with Stephanie Levenston

February 29, 2020 | 7:00 pm

Join us in a group channeling event to raise the collective planetary frequency. When we gather together as souls on our sacred journeys, we open ourselves to wisdom and guidance from Spirit to support that which serves the highest good. Each participant will have an opportunity to receive a personalized channeled message from a variety of sources: Higher Self, Guides, loving entities, ancestors, souls on the earth, animals, and Gaia to name a few. Questions for Stephanie can relate to personal, professional/career, and/or relationship topics. Safe space will be created and maintained so that participants can feel comfortable sharing in sacred space with others present.

Stephanie is an Intuitive Channel and Spiritual Guide/Coach who offers Individual and Group Readings via phone, Skype, or in-person. Stephanie has trained under the mentorship of Sally Baldwin and Sonia Choquette. Stephanie’s warmth, humor, and compassion are three strengths that her clients highly value. She has the ability to put anyone at ease. She takes the time to process and explain messages so her clients may fully understand and integrate the information they are receiving.
Stephanie’s messages are always of the highest vibration as she only tunes into the highest level of loving energy and guidance. She is able to channel love and healing to those who are in pain and/or experiencing loss as well as offer spiritual coaching/guidance to those who are interested in making changes in their lives. Stephanie’s Guides are humorous and full of light so her sessions generally involve much laughter and evoke positive feelings. She cares deeply for every client and most of her clients are regular repeat customers.

Stephanie helps people find clarity in their lives by providing insight through her channeling and coaching gifts. She believes we all have the innate ability to channel and connect to our Higher Selves and our divine nature. Stephanie feels it is her role to support her clients in finding their inner voice and trusting their inner wisdom.

Non-Members: $45
Members: $41.50