Fire of Transformation. A Re-Birth of You. Equinox Moon Ritual

September 22, 2018 | 6:30 pm

Join Sara Varona for an evening at the fire and in the garden for a journey into the soul.

This workshop will only be offered 4xs a year on specific months according to the moon and planetary cycles.

We will Embark into Sacred Ritual. This is a guided process for you to transform into your most high state of consciousness. These are specific practices I have used, experimented with and created to share with you.

We will explore the body through guided movement, tap into the nervous system by learning a specific white Lotus breathing sequence, fuel the heart chakra with meditation, stimulate the throat and lower chakras with sound therapy, enjoy an Earth activation experience, use crystal energy to clear your aura of perception, allow mantra to connect you to the divine and we will end the evening by a nurturing fire purification and deep relaxation.

I ask all who attend to bring a written letter to themselves of what they need to surrender in their life or a letter of forgiveness to someone in your life.

If you want to bring something sacred to charged by the altar please do so.
Wear comfortable clothing, bring a blanket or yoga mat.

Please arrive 15 minutes early to sign in and get settled. We will begin the ritual at 6:45.

This is a ceremony for the individual or couple who is seeking transformation and self Re-Birth.
I look forward to spending time with you leading you into the waters of your deepest light.
We will enjoy fruits and drumming and fire gazing or dancing after the ceremony.

Cost: $49.00 pre-registration @ Casa Mannabliss
Day of event at the door-$59.00 (cash only)