Empowerment Through the Practice of Forgiveness with Tao Calligraphy

October 19, 2018 | 1:00 am

Learn and experience how forgiveness can heal and empower you to bring inner joy and peace to your life. During this sacred meditation, we will experience Tao Calligraphy as a sacred form of healing art that can transform your health, relationships, finances and more. As an ancient Chinese tradition like Feng Shui, the art of Chinese calligraphy has been honored as a practice for cultivating and increasing Qi (life force energy). The message of Tao Calligraphy carries a frequency and vibration that can raise the frequency and vibration of your body, mind, spirit and environment. Join me in this unique meditative experience to empower and heal your life.
Pamela Carmo is a feng shui expert, soul healing practitioner and teacher, and intuitive design specialist. She currently resides in Delray Beach and offers feng shui consultations, soul healing services and is available for teaching and speaking engagements.

For more info about Pamela check out: @pamelafengshuidesign, www.taofengshui.blogspot.com

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