Cacao Journey & Cosmic Dance Party

January 26, 2019 | 6:16 pm

Join us for your favorite and fantastic radical event designed to expand your heart field, shake your cells to the core, vitalize your being and blast your mind to another dimension.

How does that awesomeness happen?
A 60 min Kakao Journey leads us into an entire evening of the yummiest soul-expansive electronic music (with djs indoors & outdoors) that Delray may never have seen before.

What is a Kakao Journey?
Kakao (raw organic handcrafted & fermented from ancient seeds of cacao) has been used as one of the most powerful superfoods for vitality and a part of sacred kakao ceremonies since before the Mayan empire. The culture of kakao was lost for many generations and a resurgence of this teacher plant is now expanding into our communities. Kristin Ixayacuauhtli offers a rare connection to many of the currently unknown teachings of the spirit of Kakao who is rarely spoken of in other cacao experiences. The initiation that she offers to the Goddess of your Heart and the Elder of your mind is both fascinating and powerful. The effects of the kakao on the brain are equally impressive. The neurotransmitters in the brain that are essential to us experiencing love, connection, bliss, joy, attention, motivation, energy, stress relief, pleasure and more are also constituents of kakao. Working with the kakao in this sacred space and activating the spirit of kakao in the body can enhance and circulate all of these delicious molecules into your experience of life and your body bliss. If you have been looking to expand your excitement emotions, experience more pleasure and rejuvenation in your body and blast your heart open with love and vitality this is definitely going to rock your world.

Omg! tell me more…..
As we complete this delectable kakao journey full of life force and vitality our bodies are enagaged into a movement based journey with the massively energy-expansive beats of authentic electronic healing music spun into our soul by Jason Brown and Shayne Pilpel. Inside the space of this frequency the ever fantastic Ash Ruiz guides us through a delicious infusion of conscious word & voice. A spiritual electro-journey by Xavier Hawk & Hawk Stillwind of Tu Hawks imbed the prayers and words of our native land’s ancestors and vibration into our field; opening our minds and hearts to the depth of wisdom of mother earth and of all our relations. I bet you never knew a dance party could be so transformative? Live sacred music by Ash Ruiz, Kristin Bauer and Harold Henao interwoven into the field of electronic beats will secure this deep spiritual experience into your joy and bliss receptors for a truly expansive evening. Our collective prayer is that oneness, joy, happiness, heart-opening and sacred connection be guided into every molecule in your body through meaningful movement and high vibration songs. And of course blow your mind kinda fun!

Bring your (earth-friendly) glitter and get ready to bliss like you never have before…..