Bhakti Flow Vinyasa Workshop

June 22, 2019 | 6:00 pm

with Jaya Dev

Please celebrate life, love and our enduring spirit with the awesome Jaya Dev coming to us from Miami. If you haven’t taken a workshop or class with him, don’t miss this. What an amazing way to celebrate the solstice! Jaya is such a well respected and well rounded amazing teacher. He is a committed practitioner, founder of Seva: Bhakti outreach, sobe community prasad gatherings, Bhakti music cultural support, and disciple of Sri Mad Bhaktivedanta Vana Goswami Maharaj.

The Sanskrit word bhakti comes from the root bhaj, which means “to adore or worship God.” Bhakti yoga has been called “love for love’s sake” and “union through love and devotion.” Bhakti yoga, like any other form of yoga, is a path from self-realization to God-realization, to having an experience of emotions with everything.

This session will include a friendly introduction to bhakti, a seamless 90 minutes of flowing vinyasa built upon a steady ujjāyī breath with music composed specifically for yoga. Jaya Devs style of viñyāsa synthesizes Ashtanga-like sun salutations, Jivamukti-style sequencing, Anusara-inspired alignment and yin postures at the end to facilitate relaxation and inner peace. Our session will conclude after śavāsana with a Kīrtan of universal mantras for inner and outer peace. A class for everyone, no experience necessary.

Non-Member: $20
Member: $18