About Casa Mannabliss

Take your time to explore the services you can find at our flagship location, located at 1405 N Federal Highway, Delray Beach, FL 33483, and get to know some of the incredible teachers and healers who are making this dream a reality.


Casa Mannabliss is a center where sacred and conscious wisdom and evidenced-based science come together to provide a roadmap to our collective evolution. We guide spiritual experiences and educate on conscious practices. We are grounded in love, family and conscious community and are on the forefront of cultivating sacred connection, exploring human potential and assisting in personal growth and human evolution.


Our mission is to offer classes, workshops, services and products that:
~ create more happiness, play, love, beauty, inner peace and harmony
~ nurture human development
~ educate on conscious and sacred living
~ deepen human connection
~ optimize wellbeing with whole person approach…body, brain, mind, spirit
~ build conscious and sacred community and expand our Casa Mannabliss tribe


You may be asking yourself… “what is a conscious living center?” A conscious living center is a place that is dedicated to educating communities on conscious and sacred living practices. Classes at Casa Mannabliss include yoga, meditation, tai chi, children’s earth yoga, sound, breathwork, and so much more. In addition to our classes, we offer our beautiful community garden for your enjoyment along with our retail store that is stocked with nourishment for your body, mind and spirit via cold-pressed juices, other drinks and snacks, clothing, jewelry, and sacred items to uplift your experience.

Casa Mannabliss is a true cooperative space that has brought 15 local business people and teachers together whose great desire it is to be of service to our community. We do so by infusing love and care into everything we do, sharing services and products that are grounded in science and spirit, creating space for our community to gather and connect, engaging in conscious business practices, and supporting local non-profit initiatives and our community wherever, whenever and however we can.

We invite you to take a class, meet our teachers and hang out, grab a juice, pick up a book and relax in our backyard. We also welcome you to bring a plant for the garden and add your name to the community garden donor wall.


1) At the core of who we are and everything we do is love, compassion, caring for, and respect for all life forms and our planet. We endeavor to infuse love into all offerings.

2) We believe that a healthy relationship to life requires us to live at the place where science and spirit meet. We strive to bring forth conscious and sacred education in a manner that blends ancient knowledge with evidenced-based science and present it in a fashion that speaks to today’s society.

3) We value the exploration and raising of consciousness, the optimization of body, mind, brain, spirit wellness, transformation, human evolution, and self-transcendence and design our classes and services to have a positive impact in these domains.

4) We advocate that life is about play, beauty, joy, creativity, and magic. We seek to embody this value in our work and lives and to teach others to experience life from this perspective.
We uphold an environment where everyone is and feels safe, where we can all be authentically ourselves, speak our truth, and have integrity.

5) We champion family, community, human connection, and service. We believe that our survival, wellbeing, happiness, and health depends our relationship to all human beings and on serving their highest good. We give back to our community and encourage our tribe members to do so as well.

6) We create business environments of professionalism and solid business and financial practices. We believe that conscious business blends the best of all business practices with compassion. As such, we strive to ensure that we have great business and financial controls, policies, and practices that ensure a strong company while, at the same time upholding conscious values.